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Resilient Productivity

If you’re tired of not consistently getting things done and you’d like to become productive and STAY productive for the next 10+ years, this will be the most important course you’ll ever watch.

But First, Let Me Make Something Perfectly Clear

This is not one of those typical “time management” courses you can find on Udemy or YouTube.

Here’s the deal.

The systems outlined in this course are VERY DIFFERENT from anything you’ve likely seen before.

If you’re expecting to find tips on handling multitasking, overcoming procrastination or the Pomodoro Technique, you won’t.

In fact, focusing on those kinds of tips are part of the reason you haven’t had sustainable and consistent productivity up until now.

These systems have helped myself, thousands of readers and clients and teams at businesses I have run become productive and stay productive… and I believe that they will work for you too.


I am not suggesting that they will work for everyone.

Some people may find them “too simple”.

Some people may want to use the latest, greatest apps available — and there are no specific apps recommended in this system.

Some people may not want to hear the hard, blunt, in-your-face truth about why they have failed to be productive in the past.

And of course at the end of the day, you have to sit down and watch the course, work through the exercises and use the systems provided. Because if we really get down to it, the ONLY person who can make you truly productive is yourself. No app, no seminar, no course and not even I can do that for you.

With that said, let me jump in and show you…

Exactly What You’re Getting

This is going to be VERY different from anything you’ve ever read or watched about productivity.

I teach in a very “what you see is what you get” manner and I don’t pull any punches.

There is no fluff or filler material. You are getting concise, to the point walkthroughs and setups of the key systems that you need to become resiliently productive.

That means that the entire course is only 87 minutes long and that is a GOOD THING.

You can watch it in 1 afternoon and get set up right away.

And It’s About More Than Just Productivity

These systems are going to give you crystal clear clarity on what your priorities are and how to execute them.

You’ll know exactly what the most important thing for you is RIGHT NOW… and in a week, month, quarter and year from now.

Some of my past clients have used this exact same system to directly link what they do in the next hour to their long-term vision for the future. That means no more asking “am I working on the right things?” or “is this really important?”.

Instead, they have perfect insight into what their actions will lead to and how their past, present and future connect as one coherent narrative.

Other clients have used it to answer the questions of “am I doing enough?” or “can I take some time off now or is that just being lazy?”.

This level of clarity is unheard of in the productivity space because most coaches focus on process and flow — they are missing the crucial piece that you’ll find out about in Lesson 5.

In fact, if you apply all these things correctly, I believe that this will be the last “productivity” course you ever need.

(I put “productivity” in quotes because you’re getting so much more than just that”!)

So like I said, there’s more to this course than “just” productivity. Here’s a fraction of what you’re getting:

  • How to be productive even if you don’t know how to use technology and apps. In fact, there is only ONE app that you really, truly need to be productive and it will shock you to find out what it is. Lesson 11.
  • The ugly truth about most productivity systems and advice found online. And why you’ll never look at them the same way again after learning this. Lesson 3.
  • You need to “block out time for yourself” right? Wrong! Discover a resilient way to set up routines that relies on the 100% natural things that you ALREADY DO TODAY that’s far more powerful than any time management trick or technique. Lesson 10.
  • Where to find the time for the things that are important TO YOU so that you can do the things that make you happy. Lesson 13.
  • When it’s OK to “let yourself go a bit”, and why doing this will actually make you MORE productive and give you MORE clarity overall… but you have to be very particular in how you do it. Lessons 6 and 9.
  • The harsh secret and truth about “saying no” and what it means for your life. Most productivity coaches won’t go anywhere NEAR this because of how brutally honest and painful it can be. See Lesson 6.
  • How to use the antifragile concept of “via negativa” to put yourself into laser focus. Antifragile means that you BENEFIT when things go wrong. More in Lesson 12.
  • It’s not you it’s THEM. It’s not that you’re not a productive person, it’s that the productivity systems you are using are letting you down. Find out why this happens and what you can do about it in Lessons 2 and 3.
  • The super-simple and obvious way to eliminate distractions that no one ever mentions but will make you want to kick yourself when you realise how easy it is to do. Lesson 12, Part 2.
  • When it’s OK to take time off and not think about productivity at all. This will counterintuitively make you MORE PRODUCTIVE if you’ve never tried it before. Lessons 6 and 12.
  • The #1 worst way to set goals and why you’re guaranteed to fail at everything if you do it that way. Lesson 7.
  • How to discover your purpose even if you have no idea where to start. And no, you won’t have to “go read books on a beach for 2 weeks” or partake in psychedelic drugs. Lesson 5.
  • Everyone needs goals in life right? Wrong! There are in fact, 3 things that are MORE IMPORTANT for your productivity and results than writing down goals. If you miss these 3 things, any goals you do write become USELESS. Lesson 9.
  • Say goodbye to “I have too many things to do and don’t know where to start”. With the resilient journal system you’ll learn, you’ll have crystal clear clarity on what to do in the next hour, day, week and far into the future. More in Lesson 9.
  • How to use systems to achieve your goals even if you’re not a “left brain” thinker. Systems are not some rigid, mechanical structure that turn you into an emotionless robot, they are something you set up to make your life easier and better. See Lesson 7.
  • The missing piece and elusive obvious that connects your purpose to your goals to your journals. Lesson 8.
  • How to be productive even when the world around you is determined to beat you into submission. When life gets really, really tough and you’re stressed out, these 6 things can help you collect yourself, stand tall and get back into it. Lessons 2 and 13.
  • Why you should never set 5-year or 10-year goals and what you need to be doing instead. Hint: It’s hard to hit moving targets, especially when you’re forced to move them yourself! See Lesson 1.
  • How to cut through confusion over what is and isn’t important to you like a hot knife through butter. This is the ultimate way to prioritise and you can do it even if you don’t know what your goals are. Lesson 5.
  • Why you should never, ever set due dates. For some reason due dates are built into all our apps but they are one of the WORST things for our productivity. Find out why in Lesson 7.
  • If you’re still taking an hour a day to clear your inboxes, then you need to watch lesson 6. Repeatedly.
  • The truth about working out your most important task for today… and tomorrow, and next week, and next month, and next year. It is PAINFUL to watch someone get this wrong day, after day, after day. Lesson 9.
  • For productivity pros: Ever feel that you have TOO MANY productivity systems and apps to maintain and that they are just one bad day away from breaking and all falling apart? Lessons 2 and 3 explain exactly what to do about this.
  • Do you still think that journals and diaries are just for teenagers? You’re missing out on one of the most powerful productivity tools if you are. But you have to use them the right way. See lesson 8.
  • The most productive people plan their days in precise 15-minute increments right? No way! Discover one simple technique that is more powerful than any calendar system. Lesson 9.
  • 3 ways to make your morning rituals more effective. AND, the 2 things that you should never, ever do as part of your morning ritual. Lesson 10.
  • How to turn your calendar app from something on your phone you never use into one of the greatest productivity tools ever created. This is so simple and incredibly resilient and I’ve never seen this technique taught anywhere else. Lesson 11.
  • If you find it hard to balance your goals, your health, your family, your work, your hobbies and the things that are important to you, you need to watch Lesson 6. The solution is so simple you’ll kick yourself for not realising it earlier.
  • For people who have tried rituals: What are the most important rituals you need to have? If you said “morning” and “evening” you’re still missing one — the most important one! Find out in lesson 10.
  • The 4 questions you need to ask yourself to get yourself into focus anywhere, anytime. Lesson 12.
  • The one type of productivity system that you should never, ever use. And yet, 97% of articles and videos online teach exactly this type of system. Lesson 2.

You may be thinking… that’s a lot of systems, techniques and concepts.

But it’s really just the start.

Because you’re also getting…

The Resilient Productivity Model, Deconstructed!

This is a complete, detailed breakdown of exactly how resilient and antifragile productivity works.

Being resilient means you will not only get things done… but you’ll be able to do so under ANY conditions.

Whether you have 10 incoming items or 1,000 incoming items a day, resilient productivity means that you are able to handle them all.

Being antifragile means that when things get tough, you and your systems actually get stronger.

Everyone else will watch their setup shatter into a million pieces.. but your systems will adapt and evolve. And this means better outcomes and more productivity for you.

Once you learn the resilient productivity model, you can take it and apply it to ANY system in your business or personal life.

You’ll also notice…

How Simple and Straightforward This Is To Use

You’ll be able to be productive without complicated apps, learning new technology or intricate workflows.

That’s because of how the model (and systems built on it) work.

It builds on the principles of Stoic resilience and Taleb’s antifragility to create methods that just plain work.

Here’s What To Do Next

The cost of this course is $97, and you get instant access to the entire course online.

As soon as you place your order, you’ll get an automated receipt and a link to login and access the course, directly in your email.

You can access it anywhere, immediately, without having to wait for anything to be mailed to you.

And yes you can watch it on your computer, tablet or even your phone.

And in case you’re wondering…


I know there are some courses out there that offer you a great deal on something but then you have to sign up for “additional group coaching” or attend “weekly calls” to get the most out of them.

This isn’t one of them.

I believe in simplicity and the entire course is self-contained.

This means that everything is ready for you to access right away. You don’t have to wait for 6 weeks worth of inconveniently-timed Zoom calls to learn the whole system.

But I Don’t Have Time…

The entire course is only 87 minutes long and it will take you another 90 minutes to implement the simple systems taught in the course.

That’s 3 hours of your time now — to save potentially 3 hours of time every week for the next 5, 10, 15+ years.

That’s a 5,200% RETURN THIS YEAR on the time you take to get this handled NOW rather than putting it off.


There is also no hidden “membership programme” you have to try or anything even remotely like that.

There is no “special platinum edition upgrade” after you check out.

You get the entire Resilient course for $97 and can watch it right away or whenever you like.

But there is ONE important thing to keep in mind:

Time Is Of The Essence

The truth is the value of this training is closer to $1,000. That’s how much I charge to go into companies and train their teams on productivity for a couple of hours.

So why am I offering it here for less?

I’m making this offer to you because I think you’ll be very impressed with what I’m giving you today, and hope that you’ll want to work with me in the future.

I’m betting that you’ll enjoy the course so much, that you’ll call or email and ask how else we can work together. That’s pretty straightforward.

With all that said — this is a limited offer.

You’re Also Getting Everything Fully 100% Downloadable and Viewable Offline

Unlike most online courses everything is included in this training.

You get the video lessons, obviously.

You get the full slides in PDF format so that you don’t have to use your phone to take screenshots.

You get all the worksheets, printable and editable without DRM.

You get FULL TRANSCRIPTS of every lesson so that you don’t have to take notes and you can go and read exactly what is being said in the videos. AND you can speed read the transcripts if you prefer to do that — I usually do.

I’ve even give you the full videos downloadable in HEVC-encoded 4K and HD formats for watching offline in case you have slow Internet or want to watch them on your phone or tablet away from wifi.

And there’s no extra charge for any of it. I want you to have access to ALL OF THIS as I believe that the complete package is the best way to learn and I want you to get results.

Oh and in case you’re wondering…


Of course there is a money-back guarantee.

In fact I think it’s…

The Boldest Guarantee In The World

I 100% guarantee you’ll love the training or I’ll return your $97 and let you keep everything anyway.

That’s right. You don’t even have to delete anything you’ve downloaded or send anything back. Just email me within 30 days and I’ll give you your $97 back with no questions asked.

How’s that for fair?

This Is A Truly Limited Offer So Get Your Copy Now

Thanks for taking the time to read this letter and I look forward to hearing from you soon!

— Aaron Lynn

P.S. In case you’re one of those people (like me) who just skips to the end of the letter, here’s the deal:

I’m offering you a concise 1.5 hour video training course that shows you how you can get productive and STAY productive… for the next 10+ years.

The course is $97.

I am also showing you how to get crystal clear clarity on your priorities, your goals and what you have to do RIGHT NOW to get to where you want in life.

What’s important about this is:

It isn’t dependent on any specific apps.

It works no matter who you are and what you do. I’ve worked with businesses and clients across the US, Europe, Australia and Asia and this works no matter your cultural background or perspective.

It’s super, super simple, which in my experience, is better.

There’s no “catch” to this. You won’t have to sign up for extra “group coaching” or Zoom calls to learn everything.

You get access to all of it right away!

In fact, if you don’t like the course let me know and I’ll even give you back the $97. You don’t even have to send the course back.

  • This is how you get productive and STAY productive for the next 10+ years without having to learn new systems and hacks all the time.
  • Lesson 1Introduction
  • Lesson 2Resilient Model, Part 1
  • Lesson 3Resilient Model, Part 2
  • Lesson 4Resilient Systems
  • Lesson 5Purpose
  • Lesson 6Areas of Life and the Big Three
  • Lesson 7Goals and Systems
  • Lesson 8Journals and Cascading Timeframes
  • Lesson 9From Purpose to Tasks
  • Lesson 10Rituals
  • Lesson 11Scheduling
  • Lesson 12Focus and Distractions
  • Lesson 13Resilient Systems, Integrated
  • Lesson 14Closing


Resilient Productivity

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